Blogging and trauma

Blogging about trauma, and wanting to use it as a vehicle to help others traversing the difficult path of resolving trauma is a worthwhile goal. It is a high priority for me, and yet as it seems common for people who have been traumatized to continue finding themselves traumatized unless they develop agoraphobia, or some other condition that prevents them from leaving their home. Even then we can be re-traumatized. This leaves little time for other priorities because we are constantly in the fight/flight/freeze state of mind, with no or minimal resolution. There was abuse that occurred over the holidays and it seemed easy to breeze through it, but the first day the holidays ended and the kids were back in school a deep depression set in. In this state of mind I was hypersensitive and felt re-traumatized by things I read hoping they would support my getting over this. It is that state of living with all of your nerve endings external and exposed, which predisposes me to experiencing things as traumatic that normally would not be. In this state of mind, it is difficult to find time to write, to reach out. My hope is that by continuing to work toward resolution, this predisposition will lessen and balance will return. In the meantime, may all be happy, peaceful and safe. This is my heartfelt wish for anyone reading this and those not reading it. Namaste’


~ by janetlandis on January 13, 2009.

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