Have you had times when you felt something just wasn’t right? Your mind couldn’t find ease, your body didn’t feel your own, and prickly described your overall demeanor? This “not right” feeling, it’s constant, gnawing and nothing seems to work (so far) in resolving it. Working on trauma, wanting to benefit others through that work, requires confronting it. Or maybe it’s just the thought of having to confront it, as Levine is not advising a reliving of our tramas specifically. Getting in touch with the “felt” sense, with the “feeling” body, is a difficult challenge. (particularly when you’ve spent a great deal of time and effort trying to separate yourself from exactly that, the feeling body) The anticipation is most likely worse than the actual experience will be. This restless, miserable, irritability – made up of shifting hormones, negative self-talk, and some other unknown factor…..I have to remember it will change. As all feelings do, from rapture to heart wrenching grief, feelings are temporary, like clouds in the great blue sky. Waiting it out is miserable, not knowing how long it will last, but it will pass. Prickly, there is beauty in the cactus, the rose, the porcupine. May we find the beauty in our own prickly situations, and states of mind.


~ by janetlandis on January 19, 2009.

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