As with many bloggers, I have not kept up with my posting.  I had originally hoped to post at least once per day, but have not lived up to that goal.  My sense at this point is that reintegrating is a very personal blog, which is different than my original intention of hoping to process trauma with others.  I have no training in trauma work yet, other than my basic psychiatric nursing experience and some reading I’ve done.  All of this being said, I am recommiting to this blog along with my commitment to participate in “The Big Sit” that starts on February 23rd.  Tricycle magazine is sponsoring the “Big Sit” and providing support online to participants.  Hopefully, this will become a regular part of my meditation practice for the next 90 days as this experience moves forward.  After the “Big Sit” is over, I can decide in what direction this blog will go.  Thanks to anyone who has read my infrequent and amateur posts.  I welcome you to join in the “Big Sit” yourself, and thank you in advance for helping me to grow as a meditator and as a writer.


~ by janetlandis on February 12, 2009.

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