Time away

I’ve again let my blog slip, and haven’t kept up. In the past several months, my 11-yr-old son has been hospitalized twice and is having surgery tomorrow. My eldest son was found to have ulcerative colitis, one of our dogs died, I had two very expensive flat tires while driving to work, my husband was laid off from his job of 26 years, and the unit I work on as a nurse was closed. (guess there’s no money in psych care, despite the parity bill passing in Congress)

During my son’s first hospitalization, my husband developed a wound (as I mentioned before, he’s paraplegic and has his own stories to tell) that has required trips to a wound care clinic and an infectious disease doctor. He has been able to get another job, but it hasn’t worked out for me to find one yet. One reason is because I’ve needed to provide medical care for my family, but the other is that I really want to dedicate myself to my writing now. It may be true that writers are “born not made” as I’ve read on some author’s websites, but I don’t agree.
So, I’m going to give this my best shot again. I still see an important reason for writing it, if my family has gone through this much stress in the past few months, I know there are many others like us out there who need a place to reintegrate. The time away has made me appreciate the era we live in. This may turn out to be nothing more than a live journal, and if so, that’s okay. I hope for more though, and will do what I can to invite others here to help work out the things in there lives that they might want to share, vent about, explore, or validate by putting it down in letters. It is a way to concretize it, if nothing else.
I’d like to thank my one follower. I haven’t done much to earn your follow, but thanks despite that. In the future there will be more worth following if I can stay true to the purpose I stated all those months ago when I started this.
Starting tomorrow, I’ll be in the hospital with my son. I hope to keep up posts from there. I’m also on Twitter if you’re interested, as Janet45. I’ll try to link to it (or whatever it is you’re supposed to do) as I continue to learn about electronic publishing. Thanks for your patience, and Namaste’.


~ by janetlandis on July 20, 2009.

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